IESA Boys Basketball 2017 Class 7-1A Regional Assignments
Registered Participants: 431   -   1A/2A/3A/4A Enrollment Split: 67/123/284   -   Determining Class Split
Host   |   Co-op = Co-op Host   |   Coed = Coed Approved
Sectional 1
@ Wallace Grade School, Ottawa     (Host Info)
Host: Ottawa Wallace
Wednesday, February 1, 2017  6:30 PM
@ Wallace Grade School, Ottawa , 1463 N. 33rd Rd, Ottawa   Map
Regional 1
Chicago Learn Hunter Perkins   
Joliet Union   
Lockport Fairmont   
Marseilles Milton Pope   
Ottawa Deer Park   
Ottawa Marquette    (Host Info)
Riverdale Patton   
Regional 2
LaSalle Trinity Catholic   
Ottawa Wallace    (Host Info)
Peru Catholic   
Utica Waltham North   
Sectional 2
@ Saunemin Gymnasium, Saunemin     (Host Info)
Host: Saunemin
Wednesday, February 1, 2017  6:30 PM
@ Saunemin Gymnasium, Saunemin , 39 Main, Saunemin   Map
Gym located behind school. Take driveway between school and cemetery to parking area and entrance.
Regional 3
Bourbonnais St. Paul's   
Hopkins Park Lorenzo Smith   
Odell    (Co-op)
Piper City Tri-Point   
Saunemin    (Host Info) (Co-op)
Regional 4
Cissna Park   
Crescent City    (Co-op)
Potomac    (Co-op)
Rantoul St. Malachy    (Host Info)
Sectional 3
@ St. Mary's School, Pontiac     (Host Info)
Host: Pontiac St. Mary's
Wednesday, February 1, 2017  6:30 PM
@ St. Mary's School, Pontiac , 414 N. Main St., Pontiac   Map
Regional 5
Flanagan    (Co-op)
Grand Ridge   
Pontiac St. Mary's    (Host Info)
Ransom    (Co-op)
Regional 6
Bloomington Cornerstone   
Bloomington St. Mary's   
Metamora St. Mary's   
Normal Calvary   
Washington St. Patrick    (Host Info)
Sectional 4
@ South Pekin Grade School, South Pekin     (Host Info)
Host: South Pekin
Wednesday, February 1, 2017  6:30 PM
@ South Pekin Grade School, South Pekin , 206 Main Street , South Pekin   Map
Regional 7
Bartonville GS   
Bartonville Monroe    (Host Info)
East Peoria Robein   
Morton Blessed Sacrament   
Pekin St. Joseph   
South Pekin   
Regional 8
Delavan    (Coed)
Hartsburg-Emden    (Coed)
Lincoln Carroll Catholic    (Co-op)
Lincoln Chester-East Lincoln   
Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell    (Host Info)

IESA Boys Basketball 2017 Class 7-1A Regional Assignments
Sectional 5
@ Williamsfield     (Host Info)
Host: Williamsfield
Wednesday, February 1, 2017  6:30 PM
@ Williamsfield
Regional 9
Peoria Academy    (Host Info)
Peoria Hollis   
Peoria Holy Family   
Peoria Limestone Walters   
Peoria St. Jude    (Co-op)
Peoria St. Mark   
Spring Bay Riverview   
Regional 10
Kickapoo St. Mary's    (Host Info)
London Mills Valley   
Monmouth ICS   
Woodhull AlWood   
Sectional 6
@ Schlarman Academy, Danville     (Host Info)
Host: Danville Schlarman
Wednesday, February 1, 2017  6:30 PM
@ Schlarman Academy, Danville , 2112 Vermilion Street, Danville   Map
Regional 11
Champaign St. John   
Chrisman Scottland   
Danville Schlarman    (Host Info)
Hume Shiloh   
Royal Prairieview Ogden   
Thomasboro    (Coed)
Regional 12
Champaign Next Generation   
Decatur Garfield Montessori   
Decatur Lutheran   
Decatur Our Lady of Lourdes    (Host Info)
Sectional 7
@ Sigel St. Michael's     (Host Info)
Host: Sigel St. Michael's
Wednesday, February 1, 2017  6:30 PM
@ Sigel St. Michael's
Regional 13
Effingham Sacred Heart   
Newton St. Thomas   
Sigel St. Michael's    (Host Info)
Stewardson-Strasburg    (Co-op)
Regional 14
Lovejoy    (Co-op)
Mt. Olive   
Mulberry Grove JHS   
Pana Sacred Heart    (Host Info)
Sectional 8
@ Our Saviour School, Jacksonville     (Host Info)
Host: Jacksonville Our Saviour
Wednesday, February 1, 2017  6:30 PM
@ Our Saviour School, Jacksonville , 455 East State, Jacksonville   Map
Regional 15
Springfield Calvary   
Springfield Christian   
Springfield Little Flower    (Host Info)
Regional 16
Brussels    (Co-op)
Carrollton St. John   
Hardin Calhoun    (Co-op)
Jacksonville Our Saviour    (Host Info)
Pleasant Hill