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The IESA Board of Directors may consider recommendations to add a new state championship or state series when a sufficient number of the member schools express interest and/or register their participation in the emerging activity. Any sport or activity for which the IESA does not conduct a state tournament series or state championship and which a member school elects to sponsor shall be considered an emerging activity

The following policies were approved by the IESA Board of Directors for Emerging State Series and Emerging Activity Championships. These policies were designed to establish parameters under which schools may engage in competitive sports and activities even when a state series or championship is not available for these activities. The policies will establish common ground rules and management policies for the activity among member schools and will facilitate the growth of such activities within the established confines of the Association's by-laws.

Schools interested in participating in emerging activities shall register their interest with the IESA in the school member center. The IESA will utilize the interest reports to monitor the development of new activities and assist in determining when a new state championship should be considered.

Schools currently conducting an emerging sport shall register their participation with the IESA by registering the activity with the IESA office in the school member center. The IESA will utilize the registration reports to monitor the development of the new sport. When the minimum number of participating schools have registered with the IESA the Board shall consider adding the state series.

Adobe .pdf IESA Emerging Activities Policy

Emerging Activity Information

Emerging Activity Forms

The following forms are available by logging in to the IESA Member Center.

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