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Girls Softball State Tournament Scores
Class A: 2001-Current
2019 @ Champion Fields, Normal
First Round Pleasant Hill 14-1 Springfield Calvary
  Brimfield 10-4 Windsor
  Beecher 4-1 Glasford Illini Bluffs
  Villa Grove 2-0 Serena
Semifinals Brimfield 2-1 Pleasant Hill
  Beecher 9-1 Villa Grove
Third Place Pleasant Hill 8-2 Villa Grove
Championship Beecher 8-2 Brimfield
2018 @ Champion Fields, Normal
First Round Ottawa Marquette 6-3 Windsor
  Peoria Limestone Walters 8-0 Pontiac St. Mary's
  Havana 3-2 Heyworth
  Casey-Westfield 8-1 Pleasant Hill
Semifinals Ottawa Marquette 6-2 Peoria Limestone Walters
  Casey-Westfield 2-1 Havana
Third Place Peoria Limestone Walters 10-3 Havana
Championship Ottawa Marquette 6-3 Casey-Westfield
2017 @ Champion Fields, Normal
First Round Glasford Illini Bluffs 5-0 Casey-Westfield
  Kankakee Bishop McNamara 8-2 Camp Point Central
  Heyworth 8-1 McNabb Putnam County
  Macon Meridian 12-2 New Berlin JHS
Semifinals Glasford Illini Bluffs 6-5 Kankakee Bishop McNamara
  Heyworth 10-6 Macon Meridian
Third Place Macon Meridian 11-4 Kankakee Bishop McNamara
Championship Glasford Illini Bluffs 5-3 Heyworth
2016 @ Champion Fields, Normal
First Round Glasford Illini Bluffs 10-1 Villa Grove
  Macon Meridian 8-5 Mendota Holy Cross
  Dwight 5-2 Camp Point Central
  Casey-Westfield 10-3 Ashland A-C Central
Semifinals Glasford Illini Bluffs 10-0 Macon Meridian
  Casey-Westfield 15-1 Dwight
Third Place Macon Meridian 8-4 Dwight
Championship Casey-Westfield 2-1 Glasford Illini Bluffs
2015 @ Champion Fields, Normal
First Round Paris Crestwood 20-6 Camp Point Central
  Brimfield 7-3 St. Anne
  Villa Grove 10-3 Streator St. Michael
  Macon Meridian 11-1 Mt. Olive
Semifinals Brimfield 11-4 Paris Crestwood
  Villa Grove 10-0 Macon Meridian
Third Place Macon Meridian 3-1 Paris Crestwood
Championship Villa Grove 10-1 Brimfield
2014 @ Champion Fields, Normal
First Round Windsor 6-0 White Hall North Greene
  Pontiac St. Mary's 11-1 Ashland A-C Central
  McNabb Putnam County 7-6 Brimfield
  Buffalo Tri-City 9-8 Bourbonnais Maternity BVM
Semifinals Pontiac St. Mary's 3-2 Windsor
  McNabb Putnam County 12-4 Buffalo Tri-City
Third Place Windsor 17-2 Buffalo Tri-City
Championship Pontiac St. Mary's 7-0 McNabb Putnam County
2013 @ Champion Fields, Normal
First Round Casey-Westfield 10-0 Payson Seymour
  Princeville 8-4 Springfield Christ the King
  Bourbonnais Maternity BVM 5-1 McNabb Putnam County
  Pontiac St. Mary's 12-2 White Hall North Greene
Semifinals Casey-Westfield 4-1 Princeville
  Bourbonnais Maternity BVM 6-5 Pontiac St. Mary's
Third Place Princeville 17-1 Pontiac St. Mary's
Championship Casey-Westfield 9-1 Bourbonnais Maternity BVM
2012 @ Champion Fields, Normal
First Round Camp Point Central 7-3 Springfield Christ the King
  Princeville 8-3 Casey-Westfield
  Buffalo Tri-City 4-1 LeRoy
  Bourbonnais Maternity BVM 18-5 McNabb Putnam County
Semifinals Camp Point Central 3-0 Princeville
  Buffalo Tri-City 13-7 Bourbonnais Maternity BVM
Third Place Bourbonnais Maternity BVM 8-7 Princeville
Championship Buffalo Tri-City 4-2 Camp Point Central
2011 @ Champion Fields, Normal
First Round Casey-Westfield 11-0 Dwight
  Bloomington Holy Trinity 6-0 Griggsville-Perry
  Buffalo Tri-City 11-6 Tremont
  Bourbonnais Maternity BVM 3-2 Princeville
Semifinals Casey-Westfield 9-5 Bloomington Holy Trinity
  Bourbonnais Maternity BVM 8-1 Buffalo Tri-City
Third Place Bloomington Holy Trinity 14-0 Buffalo Tri-City
Championship Casey-Westfield 12-6 Bourbonnais Maternity BVM
2010 @ Champion Fields, Normal
First Round Carrollton GS 10-1 LeRoy
  South Wilmington 10-4 Pawnee
  Maroa-Forsyth 13-3 McNabb Putnam County
  Toledo Cumberland 11-4 Glasford Illini Bluffs
Semifinals Carrollton GS 10-5 South Wilmington
  Toledo Cumberland 12-6 Maroa-Forsyth
Third Place South Wilmington 11-1 Maroa-Forsyth
Championship Toledo Cumberland 4-3 Carrollton GS
2009 @ Champion Fields, Normal
First Round McNabb Putnam County 3-2 Winchester
  Bourbonnais Maternity BVM 3-1 Sparland Midland
  Maroa-Forsyth 7-0 Tremont
  Effingham St. Anthony 10-7 Mulberry Grove JHS
Semifinals McNabb Putnam County 2-0 Bourbonnais Maternity BVM
  Maroa-Forsyth 11-0 Effingham St. Anthony
Third Place Bourbonnais Maternity BVM 11-1 Effingham St. Anthony
Championship McNabb Putnam County 12-2 Maroa-Forsyth
2008 @ Champion Fields, Normal
First Round Lockport Kelvin Grove 1-0 McNabb Putnam County
  Downs Tri-Valley 5-2 Kinderhook Western
  Mulberry Grove JHS 8-0 Springfield Christ the King
  Sumner Red Hill 6-4 Glasford Illini Bluffs
Semifinals Lockport Kelvin Grove 8-0 Downs Tri-Valley
  Sumner Red Hill 5-4 Mulberry Grove JHS
Third Place Downs Tri-Valley 12-2 Mulberry Grove JHS
Championship Lockport Kelvin Grove 7-4 Sumner Red Hill
2007 @ Champion Fields, Normal
First Round Dwight 4-1 Toledo Cumberland
  Metamora St. Mary's 14-4 Buffalo Tri-City
  Glasford Illini Bluffs 10-6 Mackinaw Dee-Mack
  Springfield Calvary 12-2 Payson Seymour
Semifinals Metamora St. Mary's 7-2 Dwight
  Springfield Calvary 9-4 Glasford Illini Bluffs
Third Place Dwight 3-2 Glasford Illini Bluffs
Championship Metamora St. Mary's 6-5 Springfield Calvary
2006 @ Champion Fields, Normal
First Round Griggsville-Perry 3-1 Toledo Cumberland
  Beecher 5-3 Glasford Illini Bluffs
  Springfield St. Agnes 2-1 Pontiac St. Mary's
  Metamora St. Mary's 10-0 Pawnee
Semifinals Beecher 11-3 Griggsville-Perry
  Metamora St. Mary's 8-7 Springfield St. Agnes
Third Place Griggsville-Perry 12-7 Springfield St. Agnes
Championship Beecher 21-4 Metamora St. Mary's
2005 @ Champion Fields, Normal
First Round Metamora St. Mary's 10-5 Payson Seymour
  Beecher 8-3 Divernon
  Streator St. Stephen 3-2 Effingham St. Anthony
  Springfield St. Agnes 10-5 Brimfield
Semifinals Beecher 8-1 Metamora St. Mary's
  Streator St. Stephen 1-0 Springfield St. Agnes
Third Place Metamora St. Mary's 3-2 Springfield St. Agnes
Championship Streator St. Stephen 3-1 Beecher
2004 @ Champion Fields, Normal
*This was Streator St. Stephens third consecutive appearance and first state championship.
First Round Oblong 10-2 Liberty
  El Paso-Gridley 3-1 Metamora St. Mary's
  Streator St. Stephen 10-2 Springfield St. Aloysius
  Raymond Lincolnwood 3-2 Beecher
Semifinals El Paso-Gridley 7-4 Oblong
  Streator St. Stephen 14-0 Raymond Lincolnwood
Third Place Oblong 9-1 Raymond Lincolnwood
Championship Streator St. Stephen 14-4 El Paso-Gridley
2003 @ Champion Fields, Normal
*This is Coach Hayhurst and Beechers second Class A appearance at the State Tournament and first Class A Championship.
First Round Beecher 5-0 Springfield St. Aloysius
  Streator St. Stephen 7-1 Mackinaw Dee-Mack
  Effingham St. Anthony 3-2 Jacksonville Our Saviour
  Yates City 6-0 Mulberry Grove JHS
Semifinals Beecher 4-0 Streator St. Stephen
  Effingham St. Anthony 4-3 Yates City
Third Place Streator St. Stephen 6-0 Yates City
Championship Beecher 9-0 Effingham St. Anthony
2002 @ Champion Fields, Normal
*This is Glasford Illini Bluffs first championship win since the classes were split in 2001.
Coach Karen Malmgren also won previously in 1999.
First Round Mt. Olive 7-6 Ste. Marie ES
  Glasford Illini Bluffs 3-1 Beecher
  Streator St. Stephen 12-0 Springfield St. Agnes
  Hartsburg-Emden 4-1 Carrollton St. John
Semifinals Glasford Illini Bluffs 8-0 Mt. Olive
  Streator St. Stephen 5-4 Hartsburg-Emden
Third Place Hartsburg-Emden 11-8 Mt. Olive
Championship Glasford Illini Bluffs 10-0 Streator St. Stephen
2001 @ Champion Fields, Normal
*This was the first year of the two class system in softball.
First Round Springfield St. Aloysius 8-5 Ste. Marie ES
  Liberty 5-2 Hartsburg-Emden
  Streator Woodland 18-3 Donovan
  Farmington Chapman 6-5 Carrollton GS
Semifinals Springfield St. Aloysius 3-0 Liberty
  Streator Woodland 6-5 Farmington Chapman
Third Place Farmington Chapman 5-4 Liberty
Championship Streator Woodland 5-0 Springfield St. Aloysius

Class History

The IESA sanctioned girls softball in 1978. There was one class of girls softball until 2001 when the activity was split into A and AA based upon enrollment.

How Class Split is Determined

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