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2020 7th Grade Boys Basketball Contests
Regular Season Contests (self-reported)
St. Paul, Highland def. Pocahontas 50-16    
Pocahontas def. Wood River Lewis & Clark (7-3A) 37-15    
Pocahontas def. Mulberry Grove JHS (7-1A) 34-13    
Pocahontas def. Patoka 36-24    
Pocahontas def. Sorento (7-1A) 62-4    
Pocahontas def. Mulberry Grove JHS (7-1A) 36-20    
Pocahontas def. Bunker Hill Wolf Ridge (7-2A) 32-23    
Pocahontas vs. Sandoval PENDING    
Pocahontas def. Ramsey (7-2A) 35-29    
Roxana (7-3A) def. Pocahontas 35-28    
Pocahontas vs. Mt. Olive (7-1A) PENDING    
Pocahontas vs. Wood River Lewis & Clark (7-3A) PENDING    
Pocahontas vs. Ramsey (7-2A) PENDING    
Pocahontas vs. Lebanon PENDING    
Pocahontas vs. St. Rose PENDING    
Pocahontas def. Sorento (7-1A) 44-0    
Class 7-1A Regional 16
Pocahontas def. Mulberry Grove JHS 33-31    
Lovejoy def. Pocahontas 50-16    

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