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IESA State Final Track and Field Hosting Requirements

Meet Host - A member school of the IESA must indicate its interest to host on the IESA website and complete and submit a Facility Survey to be the actual host of the event. The member school may work in conjunction with other entities regarding the meet site and facilities, the conduct of the meet and accommodations for athletes, coaches, meet officials and spectators. The site of the two meets shall be the same each weekend each year.

Event Date(s) - IESA conducts two state final track and field events in the month of May on Friday-Saturday of Week Nos. 45 and 46 of the IESA Standardized Calendar. Each state final is a two-day event. The Class A meet is conducted one week in advance of the Class AA meet. The event site must be the same for both weekends. Member school(s) submitting a proposal to host must guarantee the facilities to be used for the state final events shall be available as required. Dates for the state finals of 2009-2013 (subject to change in the Track and Field Sport Season by the IESA Board of Directors) are: 2009 - Class A May 15-16, Class AA May 22-23
2010 - Class A May 14-15, Class AA May 21-22
2011 - Class A May 13-14, Class AA May 20-21
2012 - Class A May 11-12, Class AA May 18-19
2013 - Class A May 10-11, Class AA May 17-18

Competition Facilities - The track must be a 400-meter all-weather running surface with eight lanes that meets the minimum specifications of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Track and Field rules. The lane lines and markings on the track must be clear. The host must provide IESA with a schematic layout of the track, showing all markings. There must be an area adjacent to the track that serves as the Staging Area for the running events. This Staging Area must be covered. There should be a minimum of two (2) all-weather runways and pits to be used for the long jump with competition in the event conducted simultaneously. The pole vault, high jump, shot put and discus venues must be contiguous to the track. Admission, at pricing established by IESA, must be charged. The host and/or host facility must provide: 1) A minimum of two (2) portable Timers and Judges Stands;
2) Landing systems and Standards for high jump and pole vault that comply with NFHS track and field rules;
3) A minimum of eighty (80) adjustable hurdles;
4) At least eight (8) starting blocks;
5) At least six (6) Performance Indicators to be used at the field event venues

Press Box - The state final site must have a weather sheltered Press Box with space to accommodate the IESA videotape official timing equipment and staff of five (5) to operate it; two (2) public address announcers and one (1) PA spotter; an internet posting station and staff of one (1) to operate it; results recording station and staff of two (2) to operate it; event command center and staff of two (2) to operate it; and meet runners (4 at any given time). Press Box must have enough electric power to operate four power strips with four plugs that accommodate four (4) lap top computers, two (2) video tape recorders, one (1) videotape starter gun, one (1) CD player; two (2) public address microphones plus the sound system. In addition, power is needed for one power strip to charge four two-way radios during the progress of the competition each day and then to charge sixteen (16) two-way radios after the conclusion of competition on Friday of each state final event.

Inclement Weather Building - There needs to be a building within close proximity to the Competition Facilities where the athletes, their coaches and meet officials can go for shelter from inclement weather.

Staffing - The host school(s) shall provide the personnel necessary to conduct the state final event with the exception of staff provided by IESA and officials assigned by IESA to work the event(s). The type of personnel provided by the host school would include ticket sellers/takers, supervision, custodial, concession workers, timers, event judges, some clerks, program sellers, and other personnel as needed.

Food Concessions - The facility must have a concession area inside or contiguous to the track capable of serving up to 4,000 people during the course of the day. The facility must have an area or room where the meet officials can be fed throughout each day of the meet.

Parking - There must be a minimum of 1,000 parking spaces adjacent to the competition facilities. The host may charge for parking at a rate approved by IESA. Complimentary parking spaces must be reserved for IESA staff, the officials working the meet, IESA Board of Directors, and IESA-authorized vendors. That number shall not exceed 50.

Housing - There must be a minimum of 800 hotel/motel rooms within 20 miles of the site of the meet. In addition, the host school, working in conjunction with the area's Convention and Visitor's Bureau, must guarantee twenty-five (25) complimentary rooms in close proximity to the state final site for IESA use.

IESA Vendors - The host school(s)/facility must provide space and electrical power for the IESA official state final apparel vendor, for IESA corporate sponsors and for other vendors approved by IESA. The host school receives a pre-determined share of the proceeds from the sale of the official apparel.

Program Sales - IESA provides the official printed program for the meet(s) and the host school is responsible to provide a program sales staff.

Results Posting Area - There must be an area inside the facility where the results of each event can be posted for viewing by the athletes, coaches and fans.

Awards Facilities - The host school(s)/facility must provide an awards facility in a configuration that allows for all eight individuals or relays in the respective track and field events to receive appropriate medallions as a group. There also must be an area or place in close proximity to the award stand where the medallions and team trophies to be presented can be easily available and where the athletes to receive the medallions can congregate prior to the respective presentation of medallions/trophies.

Restrooms - There must be adequate restrooms capable of handling 7,000 people.

Host Share - The host school shall receive a percentage of the profit determined by the IESA Board of Directors after all expenses are paid. This amount has typically been 1/3 of the remaining money but could change should the Board approve a different amount. The host school keeps all food concession money, parking money (if parking is charged) and receives an amount of money determined by the IESA Board of Directors as a share of merchandise sales. Host schools are reimbursed allowable expenses. Allowable expenses are detailed on the financial report.

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