IESA Officials

IESA State Final Officials

To accomplish the mission of the Association, it takes the collective effort of many individuals to provide the best possible experience for our students. Our member schools and their student athletes have the opportunity to work with licensed officials whose interests are in promoting integrity and furthering the skills of these young people. Through the dedication of these individuals, the IESA furthers its mission.

The men and women who worked the IESA State Finals for the previous school year are listed below. The IESA appreciates their dedication and service to the member schools and their students.

2018-2019 State Final Officials
Boys Basketball
Class Name City
7-2A Ed Alexander Springfield
7-4A Ed Anderson Bourbonnais
8-3A Ed Anderson Bourbonnais
8-3A Wes Aymer Kincaid
8-2A Greg Bandelow Decatur
7-2A JD Beal Adair
7-1A Rod Becker Taylorville
8-2A Chris Bergschneider New Berlin
8-1A Rick Birckelbaw Bloomington
7-2A Bob Blickenstaff Astoria
8-3A Steve Boswell Effingham
8-1A Michael Brouwer Paris
7-1A Rich Cacciatori Hudson
7-4A Romulous Calhoun Kankakee
8-4A Romulous Calhoun Kankakee
7-2A Kevin Chase East Peoria
7-3A JD Coleman Bloomington
8-4A JD Coleman Bloomington
7-1A Rodger DeLap Metamora
7-3A Ed Derix Spring Valley
8-1A Mark DiMarzio Springfield
7-1A Mark DiMarzio Springfield
7-4A Rich Doman Gibson City
8-4A Rich Doman Gibson City
7-3A Todd Dooom Joliet
8-4A Jake Dressler Mahomet
8-1A Chris Duncan Auburn
7-1A Chris Duncan Auburn
7-4A Kywan Edmondson Belvidere
8-2A Bob Engel Chatham
7-4A Tim Ervin Taylorville
8-3A Joe Ewers Bourbonnais
7-4A Terry Glaub East Peoria
8-2A Lyndon Goodly Champaign
7-3A Donald Gordon Chicago Heights
7-3A John Griffard Normal
8-3A Kevin Grigg Effingham
8-1A Travis Guess Pawnee
8-3A Tom Hahs Bourbonnais
8-2A Henry Harms Springfield
7-4A Chris Hart Rockford
7-2A Nate Heinold Washington
8-1A Kevin Hermes New Berlin
8-2A George Hillard Bloomington
7-3A George Hillard Bloomington
7-1A Tom Hilton Bloomington
7-4A Dan Hiner Champaign
8-4A Scott Hood Decatur
7-3A Doug Huey Streator
8-2A Argie Johnson Champaign
8-3A Carl Jones Decatur
8-4A Mark Jontry Normal
8-4A Todd Keown Shelbyville
7-4A Frankioe King Peoria
7-3A Sam Knox Bloomington
8-4A Kraig Komnick Bloomington
8-2A Pat Leckrone Decatur
8-1A Jesse Lewsader Paris
8-3A Mike Mackey Joliet
8-3A Joe Marshall Crest Hill
8-3A Greg Matuszewski Shorewood
7-1A Todd Maxwell Raymond
7-2A Jerry McDowell Coal City
7-2A Carl Medley Springfield
8-2A Joe Meyer Springfield
7-4A Larry Mitchell Peoria
7-4A Paul Morell Pawnee
8-3A Daren Moses Newman
8-4A Randy Moss Oakley
7-3A Steve Mozina Oglesby
8-2A Donald Murbarger Hamel
7-2A Greg Neville Washington
8-3A Chris Palmer Vandalia
8-2A Torrey Points Auburn
7-2A Josh Rich Flanagan
7-3A Doug Rose Oglesby
7-3A Dale Ross Peoria
8-4A Dale Ross Peoria
8-2A George Rudis Springfield
7-2A Derek Rutledge Morton
8-1A David Schwartz Carlinville
7-1A Doug Shaw Bloomington
7-2A Marcus Sherrod Springfield
8-1A Dan Smith Gillespie
8-1A Jeremy Smith Gillespie
8-4A Darrin Sortor Sherman
7-1A Jim Swearingen Hanna City
7-1A Scott Taylor Morton
7-4A Scott Taylor Morton
7-1A Mark Ushman Springfield
7-2A Pat Walsh Mt. Pulaski
8-4A Pat Walsh Mt. Pulaski
7-1A Chad Waterman Palmer
8-1A Dan Weber Bloomington
7-1A Gavin Welker Hanna City
8-1A Mike Wiley Williamsville
7-3A Rich Wills Lexington
Girls Basketball
Class Name City
8-1A Ed Alexander Springfield
8-2A Larry Allen Camanche IA
8-2A Kevin Armstrong Peori
8-1A Wes Aymer Kincaid
8-1A Greg Bandelow Decatur
7-3A Rod Becker Taylorville
7-2A Mike Bell Charleston
7-2A Tim Birch Rantoul
8-4A James Blade Greenup
8-4A Mark Blickensderfer Cerro Gordo
8-2A Bob Blickenstaff Astoria
8-4A John Boatman Effingham
7-2A Michael Brouwer Paris
8-1A Mike Brouwer Paris
7-1A Dyke Buerkett Hillsboro
7-4A Romulous Calhoun Kankakee
7-4A Hollice Clark Bradley
8-3A Randy Clark Normal
8-3A JD Coleman Normal
8-1A Vincent Cunningham Urbana
7-2A Doug Daniels Hutsonville
7-4A Marc Davilo Bolingbrook
8-4A Mark DiMarzio Springfield
8-1A Rich Doman Gibson City
7-1A Rich Doman Gibson City
7-4A Todd Doom Joliet
7-1A Chris Duncan Auburn
7-4A Kywan Edmonson Byron
8-2A Aaron Eisfelder Jacksonville
7-1A Aaron Eisfelder Jacksonville
7-4A Joe Ewers Bourbonnais
7-2A Brian Gill Bethany
8-4A Steven Gillespie Teutopolis
8-3A Terry Glaub East Peoria
8-3A John Griffard Normal
7-1A Tim Griffin Normal
7-4A James Grohn Orland Park
7-4A Chris Hart Rockford
8-1A Doug Hartwig Decatur
8-2A ron Helgeson Peoria
7-3A Mike Hemberger Auburn
8-4A Dan Hiner Champaign
7-1A Tim Hoehn Witt
8-3A Doug Huey Streator
8-4A Argie Johnson Champaign
7-2A Argie Johnson Champaign
8-4A Carl Jones Argenta
8-1A Todd Keown Shelbyville
7-1A Todd Keown Shelbyville
7-3A Chris Kester Greenville
8-4A Frankie King Peoria
7-4A Steve Kostro Mokena
7-2A Jesse Lewsader Chrisman
7-2A Ray Ligocki Oakwood
8-1A Ray Ligocki Oakwood
7-3A Todd Maxwell Raymond
7-4A Jerry McDowell Coal City
7-4A Frank McKay Bolingbrook
7-3A Carl Medley Springfield
8-3A Joe Meyer Springfield
8-4A Larry Mitchell Peoria
8-4A Art Moore Springfield
7-3A Art Moore Springfield
8-3A Rick Moore Ottawa
7-2A Daren Moses Newman
7-1A Randy Moss Oakley
8-3A Steve Mozina Oglesby
8-2A Greg Neville Washington
7-3A Charles Overton Jacksonville
8-2A Chuck Overton Jacksonville
7-1A Brad Parrish Rantoul
7-3A Allen Poggenpohl Raymond
8-1A Curtis Prather Oakwood
8-2A Todd Reichert Quincy
8-1A Bob Rice Danville
7-2A Bob Rice Danville
7-4A Tom Rinke Lemont
8-3A Doug Rose Oglesby
8-4A Mark Rotz Mt. Zion
7-2A Mark Rotz Mt. Zion
7-3A George Rudis Springfield
8-3A George Rudis Springfield
8-3A Derek Rutledge Morton
7-3A Brian Sample Taylorville
8-2A David Schaefer Quincy
7-4A Lawrence Shelton matteson
7-1A Carl Shreve Vandalia
7-1A Rob Sitton Chatham
7-3A Darrin Sortor Sherman
8-4A Darrin Sortor Sherman
7-2A Rod Stoll Savoy
8-2A Tim Swearingen East Peoria
8-2A Scott Taylor Morton
7-1A Krumreich Troy Mode
7-3A Steven Vorhies Dallas City
7-3A Chad Waterman Palmer
7-1A Lawrence Watts Mulberry Grove
8-3A Dan Weber Normal
8-1A Bob West Springfield
8-3A Rick Wills Lexington
8-1A Toby Wilson Paris
7-2A Toby Wilson Paris
8-2A Mike Wise Morton
8-2A Shawn Wright Peoria
Girls Softball
Class Name City
A Emory Appleberry Springfield
AA James Bauser Springfield
A Rick Birckelbaw Bloomington
AA David Bishop Greenfield
A Karl Black St. Joseph
A Phillip Byrne Fairbury
AA Jon Carls Pekin
AA Steven Castillo Manteno
AA Steve Endress Kankakee
A Robert Ferguson Romeoville
A Karen Free Robinson
AA Ray Hayen Joliet
AA Ron Helgeson Peoria
A Roger Holzhauer Washington
A Bradley Jones Covington
A Bonny Kuenster Oak Forest
AA Lyle Meador Oreana
AA Roger Nichols Normal
A Charles Overton Jacksonville
A Jeff Peterson Momence
AA Chris Schaefer Chicago
AA Cori Smith Clinton
AA Willie Smith Bellwood
A Anthony Swat Harwood Hts.
AA Steve Verive Aurora
A Rob Watson Bloomington
Girls Volleyball
Class Name City
7-1A Wayne Anders Danville
8-1A Emory Appleberry Springfiled
8-2A Dennis Atkins Pawnee
7-2A Lottie Baldwin Jacksonville
7-3A William Beaty Divernon
8-2A Kirk E. Bedwell Champaign
8-3A Michelle Blair Bloomington
8-3A Patti Blumhorst Mendota
7-3A Michelle Boatman Effingham
7-2A Maureen Bolinger Springfield
8-2A Barry Burnett Arthur
7-2A David Carter Peru
8-4A Jori Cooper Bloomington
8-4A James Covey Springfield
7-3A Douglas Daniels Hutsonville
8-2A Jill A. Dearing Jacksonville
7-4A John DeFreitas Oglesby
8-3A Daniel Feeney Manhattan
8-3A Karen Free Robinson
7-1A Donald Gordon Chicago Heights
7-2A Ronald Helgeson Peoria
8-2A Emalie Hemberger Athens
8-1A Ruth Holliday Vandalia
8-3A Lisa Huth Bloomington
7-2A Christopher Irvin Gardner
7-1A Debbie Jackson Peoria
8-3A Bradley Jones Covington
7-4A Douglas Kinas Washington
7-4A John Kluczynski Riverside
7-1A Jamison Kuemmerle Danville
8-4A Andy Mardis Bloomington
7-1A Jacqueline K. Mark Wilmington
7-3A Andrew Marner Arthur
8-3A Kim Martin Long Point
7-2A Karen McNaught Chatham
8-4A A. Lyle Meador Oreana
8-4A Joseph Meyer Springfield
8-1A James Michels Auburn
8-1A Tammy Miner Waverly
7-1A Terri Narantic Palatine
8-1A Paul Niedernhofer Springfield
7-1A Phillis Nohl Deer Creek
7-4A Tony Oligney-Estill Galesburg
7-4A Randall P. Pozzi Peru
7-3A Greg Ramey Divernon
8-1A Dori Reich Newton
7-4A Joanna M. Sholl Carthage
8-2A Kevin Siuts Champaign
7-4A Jacqueline A. Skryd Naperville
8-4A Cori Smith Clinton
7-2A Rodney Smith Morrisonville
8-2A Julie Terstriep Industry
8-1A John C. Thompson Springfield
8-3A Leslie Trotter Robinson
8-2A William Twardowski Peru
7-1A Wendy Vogel East Peoria
7-4A Karla Volk Galesburg
7-3A Sharon Elizabeth Walker Stanford
7-3A Diana Welch Macomb
7-3A Gavin Welker Hanna City
7-2A Linda Wilson South Jacksonville
8-1A Mark Yergler Springfield

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