All-School Record Book
School Name
City First Letter
DeKalb Clinton Rosette
Year Activity Class Wins Losses Place
2019 Boys Track 8AA     5
2018 Boys Cross-Country 2A     21
  Boys Track 7AA     13
2017 Boys Golf Single      
2016 Boys Wrestling Single     17
  Girls Track 8AA     58
2015 Boys Wrestling Single     4
  Girls Track 7AA     39
2014 Boys Wrestling Single     21
  Girls Track 8AA     36
2013 Boys Wrestling Single     67
  Girls Cross-Country 2A     15
  Girls Track 7AA     27
2012 Boys Track 8AA     37
  Boys Wrestling Single     1
2011 Boys Track 8AA     38
  Boys Wrestling Single     1
  Girls Track 7AA     38
2010 Boys Track 7AA     25
  Boys Wrestling Single     3
  Girls Track 8AA     13
2009 Boys Cross-Country AA     7
  Boys Track 7AA     34
  Boys Wrestling Single     39
  Girls Track 7AA     5
2008 Boys Track 7AA     42
  Boys Wrestling Single     5
  Girls Track 7AA     38
2007 Boys Track 8AA     37
  Boys Wrestling Single     13
  Girls Track 8AA     15
2006 Boys Track 7AA     17
  Boys Wrestling Single     1
  Girls Track 7AA     11
2005 Boys Track 8AA     41
  Boys Wrestling Single     4
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