Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of the IESA Board of Directors

September 10, 1999

The regular fall meeting of the Board of Directors was held on September 10, 1999, at the IESA Office, Bloomington, Illinois.

The meeting was called to order by President Carrico at 10:00 a.m. The following members were present: Spiezio, Carrico, Link, Silvey, Lindsey, Birkey, Reising, Cox, Schmitz, and Graham. Also present were Steve Endsley, Brad Lucey, and Nicole Schaefbauer from the IESA staff and Mr. Tom Mulligan, Principal at Riverton Middle School.

After roll call, President Carrico read a letter of resignation to the Board from Mr. Mike Davies, Division L representative. Mr. Davies accepted a principalship outside of Division L over the summer. Motion by Lindsey/Reising to accept Mr. Davies' resignation. Carried. In accordance with section 1.038 of the Constitution, Mr. Carrico appointed Mr. Tom Mulligan, Principal at Riverton Middle School, to fill the remaining term.

Motion by Link/Cox to approve the June meeting minutes with one minor correction. Carried.

Mr. Reising presented the Treasurer's report. As the August 31, 1999, was not available, Mr. Endsley reported to the Board on various financial matters. The August 31 financial report will be mailed to the Board as soon as it is available. The Board received a 5-year comparison of income and expenses.

President Carrico introduced Mr. Jim Flynn, Assistant Executive Director of the Illinois High School Association, to the Board. Mr. Flynn expressed to the Board his appreciation of the relationship between the IESA and the IHSA. He also made some comments about some issues that the IHSA will soon be facing.

Division Reports

Division C--Mr. Spiezio indicated that he had received several negative comments concerning the regional assignments in baseball in his area. It was explained that regional assignments are done on a geographic basis and there are several good teams in that area. He also mentioned that he had received a letter from Braceville concerning their cooperative team. The Braceville situation was scheduled to be discussed during New Business.

Division D--Mr. Carrico had been questioned as to reasons for switching the baseball state finals format. It was explained that the switch was made to help attendance and give parents a chance to attend the finals on a Saturday instead of a Monday.

Division J--Mr. Reising received compliments for the new IESA website.

Division N--Mr. Graham reported that a school contacted him about 6th grade participation and how that particpation affects eligibility. He also has been contacted concerning the membership fee a feeder school pays. The feeder school fee will be discussed by the IESA By-Laws committee.

Assistant Executive Director's Report

Mrs. Schaefbauer informed the Board about advanced ticket sales for the upcoming baseball and softball tournaments. She also indicated that she is excited about her new position with the IESA and is looking forward to the upcoming year.

Associate Executive Director's Report

Mr. Lucey informed the Board about the computer upgrades that were made over the summer to the IESA system and improvements to the IESA website. He announced that Zeecraft, Tech. will continue to provide the lockout machines used in the IESA Scholastic Bowl finals and provide the Association with a $2000 gift. IESA will allow Zeecraft to advertise on the Scholastic Bowl webpage.

Executive Director's Report

Mr. Endsley presented the Executive Director's report. He informed the board of the upcoming IPA Breakfast, board member's attendance at state final activities, reviewed the seniority list of Board members and attendance at the National Federation summer meeting, shared correspondence from the IHSA and Edinburg, and announced Tuesday, May 2, 2000, as the date for the 2nd annual Scholar Attitude Award luncheon. ATTENTION MEMBER SCHOOLS: Information and applications for the Scholar Attitude Award will be mailed around November 1.

The Board received information about a fundraising opportunity for the member schools and IESA that would involve the sale of pre-paid phone cards. Motion by Reising/Link to not pursue or become involved with the endeavor. Carried.

Old Business

Motion by Schmitz/Spiezio to approve the T-shirt guarantee for each state host school as submitted. Carried.

Motion by Spiezio/Link to approve Illinois Wesleyan University as the host for the state Scholastic Bowl finals on April 7-8. Carried.

Motion by Spiezio/Schmitz to approve Dekalb Huntley as the host for the state Wrestling finals on March 10-11. Carried. The finals will be held on the campus of Northern Illinois University.

Motion by Graham/ Schmitz to accept the bid from Ulrich Motor Company as presented for the purchase of new staff automobiles. Carried.

Mr. Carrico recessed the meeting at 12 noon for lunch at re-convened the meeting at 12:30 p.m.

New Business

A letter was read from Braceville requesting to be released from its cooperative arrangement in baseball and softball with Gardner and South Wilmington due to the fact that no students from Braceville will be participating. Motion by Link/Graham to deny Braceville's request. Carried.

The Board received a proposed budget for FY 2000. After a correction was made to the figures presented to the Board, motion by Reising/Lindsey to approve the proposed budget. Carried.

The Board also received copies of the audit that were prepared by the accounting firm of Striegel Knobloch & Company, L.L.C. Motion by Reising/Silvey to accept the auditor's report. Carried.

The standardized calendar for the next three years was presented to the Board for approval. A correction was made to the deadline dates for cooperative team approval. After the correction, motion by Lindsey/Spiezio to approve the standardized calendar. Carried.

The Board received a copy of the employment agreement for Nicole Schaefbauer. Motion by Graham/Silvey to approve the employment agreement. Carried.

Board Committee Reports

There were no Board Committee reports.

Advisory Committee Reports

Music--Mrs. Schaefbauer informed the Board that some of the contest areas in both solo and ensemble and organization need to be adjusted. Many of the contest areas overlap and a geographic adjustment needs to be made.

Wrestling--Mr. Endsley informed the Board that several members of the wrestling advisory committee were not sure if the changes to the weight classes as approved by the Board in June, 1999, were the changes that they had thought they recommended to the Board. As a result, motion by Graham/Cox to change By-Law 4.0552, effective immediately, so that the weight classes for the 1999-2000 school year are as follows: 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 112, 119, 126, 135, 145, 155, 167, 185, and 275. Carried. NOTE: This information has been mailed to all schools that entered the 1999 state wrestling series.

Motion by Cox/Graham to approve the expenses. Carried.

There being no further business, motion by Birkey/Schmitz to adjourn. Carried. President Carrico adjourned the meeting at 1:05

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