Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of the IESA Board of Directors

September 10, 2004

The regular fall meeting of the Board of Directors was held on September 10, 2004, at the IESA Office, Bloomington, Illinois.

The meeting was called to order by President Spiezio at 10:00 a.m. The following members were present: Lee, Spiezio, Isackson, Silvey, Lewis, Birkey, Fitzanko, Cox, Ervin, Carr, and Graham. Also present were Steve Endsley, Nicole Schaefbauer, Julie Cochran, and Jim Flynn from the IESA staff. Mr. Spiezio introduced Jim Flynn who started working part-time for the Association on September 7.

Motion by Isackson/Silvey to approve the June, 2004 meeting minutes. Carried.

Mr. Spiezio introduced Mr. Jim Burgett, retired superintendent from Highland. Mr. Burgett explained the process of developing a long range/strategic planning session. After Mr. Burgett presented his information, motion by Graham/Silvey to change the starting time of the January 21 to 8:00 a.m. and pay for overnight rooms for board members who want to stay Thursday night in Bloomington. Carried. Motion by Fitzanko/Lee to pay Jim Burgett $2000.00 to be the lead facilitator for a strategic planning session to be held the weekend of January 21-22, 2005 and to pay all costs associated with the conduct of such planning session. Carried.

President Spiezio introduced Mr. Dan Vaughan. In accordance with section 1.038 of the Constitution, Mr. Spiezio appointed Mr. Vaughan to the vacant Division D Board seat. Motion by Graham/Cox to approve of the appointment. Carried.

President Spiezio recessed the meeting at 11:50 a.m. for lunch and re-convened the meeting at 12:20 p.m.

Mr. Graham presented the Treasurer's report. Motion by Isackson/Lee to approve the July, 2004 financial report. Carried. The Board received a 5-year comparison of income and expenses.

Division Reports

There were no division reports.

Assistant Executive Director's Report

Mrs. Cochran discussed the current contract with The Cubby Hole, who is the official merchandise vendor for IESA tournaments. The current contract with The Cubby Hole will expire at the end of the 2004-05 school year. Discussion was held concerning a mutually agreeable third year to the contract.

Associate Executive Director's Report

Mrs. Schaefbauer informed the Board that she had received a request to co-op girls basketball after the cooperative application deadline from Decatur Johns Hill and Decatur Garfield. Mrs. Schaefbauer denied the co-op application since it was past the deadline.

Executive Director's Report

Mr. Endsley presented the Executive Director's report. He informed the Board that he has been asked to present a session on middle school activities at the NFHS athletic director's meeting in New Orleans on December 13. Motion by Cox/Birkey to approve Mr. Endsley's attendance at the meeting and to pay costs associated with the meeting. Carried. Information was shared with the Board concerning the vendor who sells jewelry at the state events; the reports that are distributed to the members of the Peoria CVB Board of Directors concerning IESA events held at in the Peoria area; the IESA/IHSA breakfast at the IPA conference; division member school lists were distributed; and a listing of schools entered by activity and classification split numbers.

Old Business

The Board received the seniority listing of current Board members. Mr. Endsley gave a small recap on the summer meeting of the National Federation that was held in San Diego. The 2005 meeting will be held in Orlando. The Board members that are scheduled to attend that meeting were informed of the dates.

Discussion was held concerning the interpretation of By-Law 3.041 and 3.043. Recent changes to these By-Laws has caused some confusion and difficulty by the member schools to interpret the By-Laws. Effective immediately, motion by Lee/Lewis to change By-Law 3.041 so it reads as follows: "A student becomes a member of the school team when he/she practices with the school team or participates in a contest". Carried. Executive Director's note: This does not change the Question and Answer section of the By-Law. A student that never plays in a school contest and is retained may still be eligible to participate during the retention year. Discussion was then held concerning how By-Law 3.043 will be affected by the new starting date of girls softball in 2005. Motion by Lee/Silvey to change By-Law 3.043 so it reads as follows: During the IESA season for a sport, as defined for each sport in Division 4 of these By-Laws, students shall not practice or participate in any non-school competition in the same sport either as an individual or a team member. Examples of non-school competition include (but not limited to) the following: organized leagues, park and recreation leagues, club teams, and youth sport leagues. One Exception--Students may participate on both the school softball and baseball teams and still be a member of a summer program until Monday of week #6 in the standardized calendar. Violation shall cause ineligibility to be determined by the Executive Director. To report a violation of this By-Law, member schools must submit the appropriate form to the IESA Office. Executive Director's note: This change will allow students to practice with the school team and play with the summer team until Monday of week #6. Previously, students could only try-out for the school team if they were still playing with a summer team. With the new rule, all students who want to play for the school team, will have to cease participation with the summer team as of Monday in week #6 if they want to play on the school team.

There were two recommendations from the basketball advisory committee meeting that were tabled from the April, 2004 meeting. A recommendation requiring coaches to turn in a sportsmanship card prior to the any state series game did not receive a motion and therefore was not brought up for a vote. Motion by Carr/Isackson that a sportsmanship evaluation form be distributed to all basketball schools in the state series. Carried.

The Board received the first draft of the employee manual. Board members were asked to review the manual and be prepared to approve the manual at the January meeting.

The Board received the correspondence that has taken place between Mr. Endsley and Wayne Plaza, IESA attorney, regarding the transfer rule. Information received by Mr. Plaza will be discussed by the By-Laws committee for discussion concerning a possible change to the transfer rule.

New Business

The Board had previously received a copy of the audit that was prepared by the accounting firm of Striegel Knobloch & Company, L.L.C., Bloomington, Illinois. Motion by Silvey/Graham to accept the auditor's report. Carried.

Discussion was held concerning the standardized calendar. Motion by Graham/Silvey to approve the standardized calendar. Carried.

The Board received a proposed budget for FY 2005. The proposed budget showed anticipated revenue of $1,025,425 and anticipated expenses of 1,109,116. Mr. Endsley explained that it is not uncommon to have a proposed budget that has expenses higher than income as it is difficult to estimate the number of people that attend state series contests, which is the largest revenue source for the Association. He further explained that when the actual figures are tallied, the difference between income and expenses is not as great as the proposed budget. For FY 2004, the proposed budget had a deficit of almost $61,000.00 the actual figure was only $4,990.00. Motion by Graham/Fitzanko Graham to add $10,000.00 to the long-range planning line item and to approve the FY 2005 proposed budget as amended. Carried.

Mr. Endsley shared an e-mail with the Board that he received from Garrett Scott, a scholastic chess coach and a chess tournament organizer. Mr. Scott would like to see the IESA include chess as an activity that it offers to its member schools. The Board decided to make decisions regarding inclusion of chess as a part of the long range/strategic planning discussion.

Board Committee Reports


Advisory Committee Reports

Music-Mrs. Cochran presented the recommendations of the music advisory committee that met on August 31, 2004. The recommendations that were submitted to the Board, if approved, will be effective for the 2005 solo and ensemble and organizational dates.

Motion by Lewis/Fitzanko to change the wording in the end of By-Law 4.1221 to "�An instrumental solo may be performed on piano or any instrument used in band or orchestra with the exception of traps or miscellaneous percussion instruments (such as triangles, cymbals, and maracas), batons and amplified instruments (such as synthesizers, electronic keyboards, electric drums, and electric guitars). Carried.

Motion by Lewis/Fitzanko to change By-Law 4.1311 to read: "Concert bands with a minimum of 17 enrolled 5th -8th grade member students performing two to three contrasting selections, one of which must be a march, in 15-minute playing time limit. The time between selections does not count toward the 15-minute time limit. Concert Bands that consist of only 5th -6th grade students are not required to perform a march as one of the contrasting selections, but may do so if desired. Carried.

Motion by Fitzanko/Isackson to change By-Law 4.1312 to read: "Jazz bands with a minimum of 12 enrolled members performing two or three contrasting selections, one of which must be a swing-style selection, in a 15-minute playing time limit. Carried.

Motion by Cox/Graham to change By-Law 4.105 to read: "Solo and ensemble music entry cards must be postmarked to host schools 4 weeks prior to the scheduled contest date. Music organization entry cards must be postmarked to host schools 4 weeks prior to the scheduled contest date. �" Carried.

Track & Field-Mr. Fitzanko presented the recommendations of the track and field advisory committee that met on September 2, 2004. The recommendations that were submitted to the Board, if approved, will be effective immediately for the 2005 season.

Motion by Fitzanko to approve the state qualifying standards as presented. Motion died for lack of a second. Motion by Carr/Birkey to approve the state qualifying standards as presented with the exception of the pole vault standards. Roll Call vote: Ayes: Carr, Birkey, Lee, Vaughan, Isackson, Lewis, Fitzanko, Cox, Ervin. Nayes: Spiezio, Graham. Motion Carried 9-2. Motion by Fitzanko/Lewis to set the starting heights of the pole vault at the state meet as presented. Carried. After the motion was passed, it was discovered that since some of the starting heights that were just approved were not consistent with the pole vault qualifying standards that were not yet approved, there was a motion by Isackson/Lewis to rescind the previous motion regarding starting heights. Carried. After discussion, motion by Fitzanko/Cox to approve the revised starting heights for the pole vault at the state meet. Carried. Further discussion was held concerning the qualifying standards for the pole vault. Motion by Lee/Carr to approve the revised pole vault qualifying standards. Carried. Exec. Director's Note: For a complete list of 2005 qualifying standards in all events and the starting heights for the pole vault and high jump at both the sectional and state level, click here.

Motion by Fitzanko/Lee to approve an assistant starter's fee of $55 at the sectional. Carried. Exec. Director's Note: If an assistant starter is used, the host school is responsible for securing that person. The IESA Office will continue to assign the head starter to each sectional.

Motion by Fitzanko/Lee to approve for the IESA to purchase and provide relay and field event markers. Carried.

Motion by Isackson/Lewis to approve the expenses. Carried. There being no further business, motion by Lee/Fitzanko to adjourn. Carried. President Spiezio adjourned the meeting at 3:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Endsley
IESA Executive Director

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