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Spring Meeting of IESA Board of Directors Recap---IESA State Wrestling Finals to Remain in DeKalb; Maximum Number of Basketball Games Allowed Increased

The IESA Board of Directors awarded the 2019-2023 IESA state wrestling finals to Northern Illinois University, approved a recommendation to increase the maximum number of games basketball teams can play in a season, and tied up other loose ends during their regularly scheduled meeting on April 6, 2018.

The Board received two proposals to host the state wrestling finals. One was received from Northern Illinois University and the other was received from the Bloomington/Normal Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. "The campus of Northern Illinois University has been the home to the IESA state wrestling finals since 1999," said IESA Executive Director Steve Endsley. "The decision by the Board of Directors to keep the IESA state wrestling finals at the Convocation Center on the campus of NIU through 2023 will insure that the participants and fans can build on the great tradition and support we receive from Northern Illinois University and the community of DeKalb. The support we receive from the DeKalb community is terrific. Given the additional wrestlers that will be advancing to the finals because of our new format starting in 2019, the Convocation Center provides ample space for the wrestlers, schools, and parents. Our wrestlers will get a chance to showcase their talent in DeKalb for the next five years. At the same time, I express my appreciation to the Bloomington-Normal Area Convention & Visitors Bureau for their interest in and submitting a proposal to host the finals."

Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, schools entering the state basketball series may now schedule 24 games in a season. Previously, they were allowed to schedule 22 games in a season. "The decision to allow schools to schedule two additional games per season was the result of a recommendation of the basketball advisory committee," said Endsley. "While not every school will schedule a maximum of 24 games, the committee felt that this will allow schools who want to schedule a couple of extra games particularly for their 8th grade team during the week of 7th grade regionals to do so."

The Board took the following action regarding recommendations from the athletic directors, basketball, cheerleading, and chess advisory committees:

Athletic Directors

The Board APPROVED the following recommendations from the athletic directors advisory committee:

**Approved a change that will allow administrators and coaches listed on a school's Regional Entry Form to list a guest for free admission.

**Approved a recommendation that bans the use of flash photography at indoor contests during the state series.

**Approved a recommendation that schools will be required to submit their season schedule online by the deadline listed in the standardized calendar for the activities of softball, baseball, cross-country, basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. Ex. Director's Note: The purpose of this is two-fold---One, is so schools list all of their contests before games begin which should make the process of listing the result of each game for seeding purposes more efficient. Second, because there are several schools that drop their state series entry, schools should be able to notify the IESA Office sooner if they do not have a team that given year.

The Board DID NOT APPROVE the following recommendations from the athletic directors advisory committee:

**To allow 7th graders free admission into the 8th grade state series and 8th graders free admission into the 7th grade state series. Ex. Director's Note: Schools that host basketball and volleyball regionals and sectionals may not allow the 7th grade team in free at the 8th grade games and/or the 8th grade team in free at the 7th grade games. This has always been the policy but we continue to receive reports that some schools are allowing this. The problems occur when schools, for example, in basketball allow the teams free admission but then when the school is then assigned to a regional with different teams in volleyball and that host follows the IESA policy by not allowing the team in free. Host schools are expected to abide by this policy.

**To assess a $50 fee to schools who drop their state series entry for two consecutive years.

The Board TABLED the following recommendation from the athletic directors advisory committee:

**To increase the admission charge at the regional level of play in basketball and volleyball.

Boys/Girls Basketball

In addition to the previously mentioned change to increase the number of allowable games prior to the state series to 24, the Board also APPROVED the following recommendation from the basketball advisory committee:

**Schools that fail to submit their season schedule and results by the deadline will not be allowed to seed the other teams with their regional but the teams in that regional will be allowed to seed the team(s) who fail to list their results.

The Board DID NOT APPROVE the following recommendations from the basketball advisory committee: **To require regional hosts to hire two officials for the quarter-finals and semi-finals and a third official for the championship game. Executive Director's Note: All IESA REGIONAL basketball games are to be officiated by two IHSA licensed officials.


The Board APPROVED the following recommendations:

**To allow the IESA Office to determine the competition schedule based on the number of entries received;

**Prohibit all tosses (sponge and basket) during competition and sideline cheers. Quick tosses, as described in NFHS Spirit Rule 1, will be allowed.


The Board APPROVED all of the recommendations except one as presented to the Board. For a complete list of those recommendations, please click here. While the Board did not approve that all coaches with 10 years coaching at the IESA state series receive a plaque, they did approve a single recognition award for a given coach that will be voted on by the advisory committee.

Other Business Items

Treasurer's Report: The Board received and accepted the treasurer's report for the fiscal period through February 28, 2018.

Financial Reports: The Board accepted the financial reports for the state series in girls basketball, cheerleading, chess, and speech.

Scholar Attitude Award: The Board received the names of the Scholar Attitude Award winners from their respective divisions. The date of the luncheon for the winners is scheduled for May 1, 2018.

Board Meetings: There is one regular meeting remaining in the 2017-18 school year. It is scheduled for June 15, 2018.

IVC Superintendent: Dr. Chad Allison, Superintendent of IVC District #321, addressed the Board concerning the scoring situation involving Mossville and Staunton at the 7th grade Class 3A tournament. Dr. Allison presented some recommendations to the Board. Those recommendations will be discussed by the various IESA advisory committees.

Mt. Sterling Brown County: The Board assessed a five game suspension to the 8th grade coach at Mt. Sterling Brown County for his actions involving the officials after an 8th grade boys basketball sectional game.

Ejection Reports: The Board received a composite report showing the number of ejections reported to the IESA Office in all sports this year. To date, there have been 27 player ejections (up 7 from last year); 30 coach ejections (up 11 from last year); and 53 fan ejections (up 22 from last year).

Refund of Solo & Ensemble Contest Fees: The Board voted to not refund fees to schools who are unable to attend a re-scheduled contest date when the original contest date was postponed due to weather.

Sectional Cross Country Host Guarantee: Schools serving as the host for a sectional cross country meet will be allowed a maximum of $1000 for host expenses provided proper documentation is submitted to the IESA Office after the completion of the meet. Expenses above $1000 will not be reimbursed and schools may not assess participating schools for any amount above $1000.

Bryan Zwemke Resignation: The Board accepted, with regrets, the resignation from the Board of Bryan Zwemke, Division C representative and principal at Batavia Rotolo. Mr. Zwemke's resignation is effective June 30, 2018.

Division Reports

At each meeting of the Board of Directors, time is devoted for each board member to report on communication with and requests from the member schools in the member's division. In addition, Board members also may make observations regarding the operation of the Association. Following is a report of those from the April 6 meeting:

Division A: Mr. Haupt received a question about the requirement that a school must hire two officials for a volleyball contest. Many schools in his area only hire one official for a volleyball match. He also received a question from a school that recently joined the IESA and a conflict the school has with IESA state series dates. Given that the NFHS rules require two officials, so too are IESA required to contract two officials. IESA state series dates are set without regard to outside organization's schedules and the dates for all future IESA contests are accessible from the standardized calendar.

Division J: Ms. Isackson mentioned that her school district is reviewing their policies and procedures concerning safety at school events.

Division O: Dr. Stuart was contacted by a school about the possibility of increasing admission at the state series to help offset the deficits that are occurring at some sites. He also was contacted about 7th grade teams and 8th grade teams getting in free at regionals and sectionals. Both situations were addressed by committees.

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