Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

September 12, 2022

The regular fall meeting of the Board of Directors was held on September 12, 2022 at the IESA Office, Bloomington, Illinois.

The meeting was called to order by President Ingold at 10:01 a.m. The following members were present: Haupt, Hogue, McAlister, Marski, Yoder, Johnson, Ingold, Scott, Isenhower, Vanausdoll, Davis, Drees, and Duncan. Also present were Nicole Schaefbauer, Chris Frasco, Kristen D’Alfonso, and Charlie Shempf from the IESA staff. Not present were Chavers and Marquardt.

Motion by Hogue/Drees to approve the appointment of Mr. Dave Scott, principal at Carthage Middle School to fill the Board vacancy in Division J. Carried.

Motion by Davis/McAlister to approve the June, 2022 meeting minutes as presented. Carried.

President Ingold gave a few remarks welcoming everyone to the first meeting.

Dr. Hogue presented the Treasurer's report. Motion by Hogue/Yoder to approve the August, 2022 financial report. Carried. The Board received a 5-year comparison of income and expenses.

Division Reports

Division C---Dr. McAlister received a request for assistance finding cross country meets. Staff will be working on a communication piece to add to the Open Dates area of the IESA website. This will help communicate calendar needs to active participating schools.

Division F---Mr. Johnson passed on the appreciation of a member to Mr. Shempf who had assisted them with an ejection.

Division H---President Ingold received two inquiries for an adjustment to the IESA calendar to reduce the overlap of female activities. A discussion was held regarding the history of the season designations. This request will be added to the agenda of the potentially impacted athletic advisory committees and the AD’s Advisory committee for discussion. He also received an inquiry as to the steps that the Association is taking regarding the shortage of officials. The Association sits in on the IHSA Officials Advisory Committee and is able to provide assistance to Officials Associations statewide in their effort to recruit and retain officials. Information is also being included in the 2022 Division Meeting.

Division M---Mr. Davis shared a compliment on the AD Workshop. He also received a request to allow portable pitching mounds for the Baseball post-season. This has been added to the agenda of the Baseball Committee for discussion.

Division N---Mr. Drees received a request to standardize the game ending procedures (10, 12, 15 run rule) for Baseball and Softball. This has been added to the agenda of both Advisory Committees for discussion.

Assistant Director Reports

Charlie Shempf---Discussed the Bowling calendar and recommended a change to the Bowling Entry Deadline to the Wednesday of Week 30, the Final Entry Deadline to the Wednesday of Week 32, and the Cooperative Agreement to the Friday of Week 32. Motion by Haupt/Drees to adopt the new deadlines. Carried. Shared the individuals who were selected to serve as Wrestling Grand Marshals. Reported on the upcoming IESA Baseball State Finals and updated the Board on recent difficulties with schools adhering to the pitch count. Also shared that he is now running the IESA Twitter account.

Kristen D’Alfonso---Reported on the upcoming IESA softball state finals. Shared venue and partner concerns regarding the IESA Cheerleading State Finals and recommended moving the event to the Wednesday of Week 33 for the 2023 competition. Motion by Hogue/Isenhower to adopt the date change. Carried. Updated the Board on the Volleyball State Finals and the upcoming Music Advisory Committee meeting.

Chris Frasco---Reported on the upcoming IESA state golf finals. This is the largest field of golfers to date and required the addition of a seventh sectional on the boys side. Shared the timeline for the introduction of a golf team competition. Reported that girls basketball games had begun. Updated the Board on a proposal to return to a more traditional lockout system for the remainder of the Quiz Bowl contract. Motion by Hogue/Davis to approve the proposal. Carried.

Executive Director's Report

Nicole Schaefbauer---The Board was updated on the sponsorship agreements with Mikasa and DICK’s Sporting Goods. In addition, the Board was updated on the Association being awarded a grant from DICK’s. Welcomed the new staff members and updated the Board on their transition. Informed the Board of the current membership total and that activity numbers have seen increases from the previous year. Discussion was had on the upcoming introduction of GoFan at the IESA State Finals. Updated the Board on the areas that our Intern will be working on this year. Updated the Board on the upcoming attendance of the IESA at the NFHS Middle School meeting. The Action Teams approved in 2021-22 school year are set to begin this Fall. Reported that the IESA will be closely tracking female participation in Wrestling.

Old Business

A review of the administrative and support staff assignments was distributed to the Board. An update was also given regarding the status of filling the administrative assistant vacancy.

The Board received the seniority listing of current Board members. A discussion on attendance at the 2023 NFHS Summer meeting was held. In addition to the attendance of the IESA Administrative staff attending, a recommendation was made to reinstate Board attendance at the NFHS Summer meetings. Motion by McAlister/Johnson to reinstate full NFHS Summer Meeting attendance. Carried.

A review of the election procedures and the timeline was given to those Board members who will be up for election in the fall of 2022.

Discussion was held regarding the Board meeting schedule. An adjustment will be made to the June meeting date. The June meeting will now be held on the 8th of June.

President Ingold recessed the meeting for lunch at noon and reconvened the meeting at 12:32 p.m.

New Business

The Board had received a copy of the audit that was prepared and presented by the accounting firm of Striegel Knobloch & Company, L.L.C., Bloomington, Illinois. Motion by Drees/Hogue to accept the auditor's report. Carried.

Motion by Yoder/Drees to approve the FY 2023 proposed budget as presented. Carried.

Discussion was held regarding coach education requirements as they relate to long-term substitutes. Current by-laws would require those individuals who hold a substitute license- long-term or otherwise- be required to successfully complete an approved Coaches Education course. The Board upheld the bylaws and staff interpretation.

Discussion was held regarding the ability of Track and Field state team awards winners to purchase medals from the IESA vendor. With continued supply chain issues, it is difficult for the supplier to secure the necessary extra medals needed to fill potential orders. Motion by Vanausdal/Davis to delete this from the Track and Field Terms and Conditions. Carried.

Motion by Yoder/McAlister to increase the merchandise rebate to state hosts to the proposed amounts. Carried.

Board Committee Reports


Advisory Committee Reports

Officials---Discussion was held on the shortage of officials and the continued rise in ejections. The Association is also collecting information regarding regular season pay rates for activities. This information will be posted for the membership to access.

Other New Business

The dates of the future Board meetings were announced. The dates are January 27; April 14; and June 8. All future meetings will be held in a hybrid format and will start at 10:00 a.m.

Motion by Hogue/Isenhower to approve the expenses of the meeting. Carried.

There being no further business, motion by McAlister/Johnson to adjourn. Carried. President Ingold adjourned the meeting at 1:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Nicole Schaefbauer

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