Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

January 27, 2023

The regular winter meeting of the Board of Directors was held in a hybrid format on January 27, 2023.

The meeting was called to order by President Ingold at 10:12 a.m. The following members were present in person: Haupt, Marski, Johnson, Ingold, Isackson, Yoder, Isenhower, Hogue, Chavers, Drees, Vanausdoll, and Davis. Present via Zoom was Drees. Also present were Nicole Schaefbauer, Chris Frasco, Charlie Shempf, and Kristen D’Alfonso from the IESA staff. Not present was McAlister.

President Ingold appointed Tim Haupt, Renee Marski, and Antonio Johnson to canvass the votes cast for the Board of Director elections. All three members agreed the vote tallies were accurate.

Motion by Vanausdoll/Johnson to approve the September 12, 2022, regular meeting minutes as presented. Carried.

Dr. Hogue presented the Treasurer's report. Motion by Hogue/Marski to approve the Treasurer's report as of December 31, 2022. Carried.

Division Reports

Division A- Mr. Haupt was contacted by a school in his division asking to allow three district schools late entry in to the 2023 Track and Field state series. The request received no support. Mr. Haupt was also contacted by another school in his division regarding the difficulty finding wrestling post-season hosts in their area. The IESA staff will recraft "No Host" emails to include strategies for co-hosting, resource pooling, and facilitating communication opportunities. In addition, the Wrestling Advisory Committee agenda will also include a discussion on assignments and the number of athletes per regional.

Division L- Mr. Vanausdoll received communication regarding the recommendation that was proposed by the Public and Non-Boundary Action Team. The communication was presented during the discussion of the Action Team recommendations.

Division O- Dr. Duncan has received interest from schools within his division to host State Final Tournaments. He has arranged for the Executive Director to preview several facilities in April.

Administrative Reports

Charlie Shempf- Reported on the EastSide Centre baseball field renovation schedule and how this would impact the IESA Baseball State Finals. Shared with the Board his upcoming discussions with the DeKalb Wrestling Club and NIU. The City of DeKalb has communicated that they are pleased to be the Home of the IESA Wrestling State Finals. Current chess and bowling participation numbers were shared with the Board. Participation numbers are up from the previous years. Shared the recent discussions that were held with two streaming services. Provided information on both entities and received direction from the Board on moving forward.

Kristen D’Alfonso— Reviewed the State Softball tournament. Updated the Board on changes to the Tournament Manager staff. Reported on the progress of the upcoming Cheerleading State Competition. It was shared that the change to a weekday competition had not resulted in fewer participating schools. The partnership with Midwest Cheer was going well. Work with Mikasa is also going well. They have been very generous in their distribution of products to our state hosts. Music numbers are down from the previous year.

Chris Frasco- Reported on the Girls Basketball state series. Reviewed the 22-23 Division Meeting statistics. Seventeen schools will be placed on probation for not attending a meeting this year. Probation requirements were shared with those schools. Current ejection numbers were presented to the Board. Ejections are below previous years at this same time. A new IHSA officials’ initiative was shared with the Board. A provisional license was created to encourage the participation of younger high school students. Fifteen- and sixteen-year-olds will now be able to hold a provisional license under the guidance of an experienced official. A PSA was also distributed to all schools participating in Winter Activities regarding Officials Appreciation Week starting January 30th.

Nicole Schaefbauer- Reported on her attendance at the recent NFHS 11 States meeting; the new open dates feature; the addition of Christina Barnett to the IESA staff; the success of GoFan during the fall activities; and an upcoming meeting with TPG. Mrs. Schaefbauer also brought to the attention of the Board a Senate Bill that has been introduced and how it would impact a recent IHSA by-law change regarding homeschooled students. Updated the Board on a proposal from A&M Products on a more cost-friending Sectional medal beginning in the 23-24 school year. Motion by Yoder/Isenhower to accept the proposed new Sectional medal. CARRIED. Presented a recommendation to refund the 22-23 Scholastic Bowl and Track and Field entries of Glendale Heights St. Matthew less a small fee. Motion by Hogue/Vanausdoll to refund fees for Glendale Heights St. Matthew. CARRIED.

Old Business

The Board was updated on the Scholar Attitude format that is in place this year.

The Board reviewed the NFHS Summer Meeting attendance for the upcoming Seattle, WA meeting.

New Business

The Board reviewed the IESA Personnel Policy Manual. Motion by Vanausdoll/Allen to approve the Policy Manual. CARRIED.

The Board reviewed the minutes of the Hosting Action Team. The minutes of the most recent meeting were presented. The Action Team did not make any policy recommendations but did offer several strategies for communication and assistance for potential hosts. In addition, the Board offered several suggestions: contacting regionals that struggled with finding a host, setting up Zoom meetings with regionals/sectionals that have no host to answer any questions or address any concerns, providing regionals/sectionals with contact information of participating teams to help organize discussion and/or dividing up duties.

The Board reviewed the minutes and recommendation of the Public/Non-Boundary Action Team. The Action Team recommended a Championship Factor be applied to all Non-Boundary member schools beginning with the 2024-25 school year. No action was taken by the Board. The Board had a lengthy discussion and reviewed post-season data. While the Board did not feel like action at this time was necessary, they will continue to monitor data, member feedback, and committee discussions.

President Ingold recessed the meeting for lunch at 11:45 a.m. and reconvened the meeting at 12:15 p.m.

Board Committee Reports

Finance Committee- Meeting scheduled for January 27

Staff Relations Committee- Zoom meeting scheduled for February 27

Advisory Committee Reports

Baseball— The Baseball Advisory Committee met on November 2, 2022. Motion by Yoder/Davis to approve recommendation #1 (allowance of portable pitching mounds for post-season play). CARRIED. Motion by Hogue/Marski to approve recommendation #2 (consolation game to be played to 7 innings or 2 hours, whichever happens first). CARRIED. Motion by Yoder/Hogue to approve recommendation #5 (post-season pitch count requirements and penalty). CARRIED. Complete Baseball Advisory minutes may be found here.

Cross-Country— The Cross-Country Advisory Committee met on November 16, 2022 in a hybrid format. Motion by Vanausdoll/Johnson to approve recommendation #1 (require hosts to provide sectional course length) and the modified recommendation #2 (divide the activity in to four classes beginning with the 2023 season with an equal class split and an increase in the activity fee to $110). CARRIED. Motion by Marski/Johnson to approve recommendation #3 (complete video review at state with hip numbers for all runners). CARRIED. Complete Cross Country Advisory minutes may be found here.

Golf- The Golf Advisory Committee met on November 3, 2022. Motion by Vanausdoll/Yoder to approve recommendation #1 (lower the sectional yardage for both boys and girls). CARRIED. Motion by Hogue/Haupt to approve recommendation #2 (move sectional play for boys to Wednesday after Labor Day and girls to Thursday after Labor Day). CARRIED. Motion by Yoder/Duncan to approve recommendation #3 (continuous putting). CARRIED. Motion by Marski/Hogue to approve recommendation #5 (allow state coaches with 2 or more golfers the option to rent a cart). CARRIED. Motion by Vanausdoll/Johnson to approve recommendation #5 (introduction of state golf team competition beginning in 23-24). CARRIED. Complete Golf Advisory minutes may be found here.

Softball- The Softball Advisory Committee met on October 21, 2022. Motion by Isenhower/Marski to approve recommendation #1 (add the 12-run rule to the game ending procedures). CARRIED. Complete Softball Advisory minutes may be found here.

Speech— The Speech Advisory Committee met on January 12, 2023 via Zoom. Motion by Hogue/Marquardt to approve recommendation #1 (reinstate IESA hiring Judge Representatives). CARRIED. Complete Speech Advisory minutes may be found here.

Music— The Music Advisory Committee met on September 20, 2022 via Zoom. Motion by Vanausdoll/Hogue to approve recommendation #1 (adjust scale requirement for 5th and 6th grade students). CARRIED. Complete Music Advisory minutes may be found here.

Motion by Yoder/Isenhower to enter Executive Session. CARRIED. Motion by Isenhower/Davis to return to regular session. CARRIED.

The dates of the remaining meetings for 2022-23 were announced- April 14 and June 8.

Motion by Yoder/Isenhower to approve the expenses of the meeting. CARRIED.

Motion by Haupt/Johnson to adjourn the regular meeting sine die at 2:02 p.m. CARRIED.

Mrs. Schaefbauer seated the following members: Scott McAlister, Michelle Chavers, Julie Marquardt, Jeff Isenhower, and Allen Duncan. Motion to seat by Marski/Haupt. CARRIED.

The floor was opened for nominations for the office of President. Dr. Hogue nominated Tony Ingold. Nominations were closed. Motion by Hogue/Yoder to approve Tony Ingold as President. CARRIED. The floor was opened for nominations for the office of Vice-President. Mr. Johnson nominated Pat Drees. Nominations were closed. Motion by Johnson/Allen to approve Pat Drees as Vice-President. CARRIED. The floor was opened for nominations for the office of Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. Vanausdoll nominated Darryl Hogue. Motion by Vanausdoll/Marquardt to approve Darryl Hogue as Secretary-Treasurer. CARRIED.

After Officers were elected, President Ingold asked for a motion to ratify all previous legal affairs of the Association. Motion by Hogue/Isenhower to ratify all previous legal affairs. CARRIED.

New Business for Board

The Board was given an updated IESA Board of Directors seniority list.

There being no further business, motion by Isenhower/Davis to adjourn the meeting. CARRIED. President Ingold adjourned the meeting at 2:16 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Nicole Schaefbauer

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