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9/29/2011 IESA Action Teams Seek Your Assistance
The IESA needs interested people to serve as members of the Action Teams. The Action Teams are charged with making the vision of the Strategic Planning a reality. Each Action Team will meet in Bloomington at the IESA Office to compile an action plan that will incorporate effective ways to implement each respective strategy. Learn more, and volunteer your time today.
3/2/2005 IESA Strategic Planning Begins Weekend of Jan. 21-22
The Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA) begins the process of Strategic Planning for the first time in its 76-year history when more than 30 volunteers from around the state gather the weekend of Jan. 21-22.
1/27/2005 Strategic Planning Process Under Way
The first-ever Strategic Planning process for the Illinois Elementary School Association is under way.
1/6/2005 Board Adopts New Mission Statement, Beliefs and Strategies
The Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA) Board of Directors unanimously adopted a new mission statement, all 10 belief statements and all 12 strategies recommended by the IESA Strategic Planning Team in a teleconference call Tuesday (March 1).
Active Action Teams
IESA Action Teams Seek Your Assistance
Art Format Review fine art formats.
Contact Develop a comprehensive communication plan.
Hosting Review state series hosting responsibilities and standards.
Public/Non-public Review non-public and public school relationships.
Services Increase member services.
State Format Evaluate state tournament structure.
Technology Develop a comprehensive technology plan.
Inactive Action Teams
Communications Improve communications through the interaction of the member schools in the Association.
Compensation Provide equitable compensation to recruit and train highly qualified staff.
Constitution Review the IESA Constitution.
Excellence Enhance the recognition of excellence.
Facilities Provide the facilities necessary to meet the mission of the IESA.
Financial Resources Provide the appropriate financial resources to meet the mission of the IESA.
Fine Arts Promote fine arts activities.
Judges Develop a comprehensive judges program.
Membership Increase IESA membership.
Revenue Develop and expand new revenue opportunities.
State Series Review state series structure and state series administration.

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