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Eligibility Information for Schools Receiving Hurricane Katrina Evacuees

The unfortunate events in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama has had a devastating impact on all of us. Schools that are receiving students that have been displaced by the hurricane will probably not be able to immediately secure permanent student records. This is a situation that is completely out of the control of students, parents, and schools.

To that end, IESA member schools that receive students displaced by Hurricane Katrina should adhere to the following procedure to determine interscholastic activity participation:

1. The IESA will rely on the local school's determination regarding grade status, academic standing, age verification, etc. We believe that these students should have a physical prior to practicing or participating (By-Law 3.061).

2. Names of students who participate in IESA athletic activities as a result of being displaced from the hurricane should be submitted to the IESA Office using the form below. Please indicate student's name, year in school, date of birth, grade level and participating activities.

In general, students will be eligible provided the local school has made all reasonable attempts to accurately place the student in the correct grade level and you are reasonably certain of the age of the student.

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