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Member Schools Need To Clear Way For E-mails From IESA Office

Principals at Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA) member schools should work with their school/district technology staff to clear the way for e-mails from the IESA Office. Please ask your school's technology personnel to make sure the domain iesa.org is whitelisted in your E-mail Filtering System, and that e-mail from iesa.org is always allowed through.

"We are using the Internet on a regular basis to communicate with our member schools," observed IESA Executive Director Steve Endsley. "Our staff sends the different activity mailings as e-mails to the schools entered in the respective activities. We send such things as announcements regarding assignments of schools to sites in the state series, or officials' assignments, or state series instructions as e-mails to the schools involved. We send subject specific e-mails to personnel at our member schools in place of regular mail. These e-mails sometimes are blocked by anti-spam programs in the school's computer system. They are not spam. They need to be received by the school."

All legitimate e-mails from the IESA computers originate at iesa.org. The staff member responsible for the e-mail is listed by first name on the e-mail address. For example, Executive Director Steve Endsley is steve@iesa.org, Associate Executive Director Nicole Schaefbauer is nicole@iesa.org, and Assistant Executive Director Julie Cochran is julie@iesa.org. The IESA staff directory can be found on the home page by clicking on the IESA Administration link under the Information icon near the left bottom of the home page. Once inside the administration page, click on the IESA Staff link to determine staff e-mail addresses. Some general e-mails also will come from general@iesa.org.

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