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IESA Speech Contests Set For Oct. 26-Nov. 10

Students from 186 Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA) member schools will compete in the annual Speech Contest at 21 sites around the state between October 26 and November 10, 2007.

Throughout the state there are a total of 3,453 entries in the ten (10) events in the Speech Contest. The events being contested this year are divided into four groups -- Individual Events, Duet Events, Chorale Presentation and Small Group Acting. An individual student may participate in any combination of up to three (3) different events.

Contestants in the events are judged against a standard and can earn a Division I, Division II or Division III rating. A Division I performance earns a medal. Division II and Division III performances earn ribbons.

The Individual Events are Solo Acting, Poetry, Impromptu Speaking, Original Script and Storytelling. Solo Acting is a dramatic presentation by an individual student. There are a total of 508 entries statewide in this event. Poetry is one or more selections of poetry. There are a total of 61 entries statewide in this event. Impromptu Speaking is a speech that the student writes then gives after receiving two words or phrases from the judge and then discarding one of the two. There are a total of 40 entries statewide in this event. Original Script is a speech that the student has written and it can be a monologue, poetry, short story, essay or presentation. There are a total of 22 entries statewide in this event. In Storytelling, which is its own event beginning this year, the student presents a story with a clear beginning, middle and ending. There are a total of 27 entries statewide in this event.

The Duets are Duet Acting, Improv Duet Acting and Original Script. Duet Acting is a humorous or serious presentation with direct dialogue or conversation between two students portraying no more than two characters, who may speak to off-stage characters or silent characters. There are a total of 1,575 entries statewide in this event. The format for Improv Duet Acting utilizes two humorous prompts and one serious prompt given by the judge to the pair of students, one of whom uses the respective prompt as an opening line. The entire performance shall be under an eight-minute time limit. There are 712 entries statewide in this event. In Original Script, the two students present a speech they have written. There are 9 entries statewide in this event.

Chorale Presentation allows for groups of from nine to 20 students to present two or more selections within a time limitation. There are 46 entries statewide in this event.

Small Group Acting is a serious or humorous presentation by three to five performers characterizing three or more persons presenting one selection within a time limit. There are 543 entries statewide in this event.

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