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IESA, Spectrum Electronics Work Together To Promote Lightning Safety

The Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA) is working cooperatively with Spectrum Electronics to expose the ThunderBolt® Storm Detector to IESA member schools, and to promote its use at all school facilities.

Spectrum Electronics manufactures a hand held storm and lightning detection system called the ThunderBolt® that is affordable, easy to operate and easy to transport from one area to another.

"The state-of-the-art technology provided by the ThundeBolt® Storm Detector will be of great benefit to our member schools when they conduct sporting events and outdoor activities, whether on campus or in the community," said IESA Executive Director Steve Endsley. "The ThunderBolt® Storm Detector, which actually tracks storms and provides the estimated time of arrival to the user, can only enhance efforts by IESA member schools to provide safety and protection consistent with the IESA severe weather safety guidelines for all parties at an event. It is a device that will revolutionize the manner in which our member schools learn of the presence of severe weather at their events. I believe this is a very inexpensive potentially life-saving piece of equipment."

"On behalf of Spectrum Electronics, we are excited to be working with the member schools of the Illinois Elementary School Association," said Steve Vazquez, Illinois Regional Representative for Spectrum Electronics. "We are eager to support and work with all Illinois schools regarding storm and lightning safety."

IESA member schools can learn more about the ThunderBolt® Storm Detector through the IESA Web Site. Click on the ThunderBolt® logo on the bottom half of the IESA home page --- www.iesa.org.

Schools that wish to purchase one of the units should go to the IESA home page, click on Member Center Login, enter their school ID, and then Click on the ThunderBolt® logo. Information will then be available to order a unit at a discounted price.

Fans of IESA athletics and activities who are involved with community programs that need a lightning detection system also can learn more about the product by following the same instructions that IESA member schools use.

For ordering assistance, please contact Steve Vazquez, 815-385-3609.

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