IESA Officials

IESA State Final Officials

To accomplish the mission of the Association, it takes the collective effort of many individuals to provide the best possible experience for our students. Our member schools and their student athletes have the opportunity to work with licensed officials whose interests are in promoting integrity and furthering the skills of these young people. Through the dedication of these individuals, the IESA furthers its mission.

The men and women who worked the IESA State Finals for the previous school year are listed below. The IESA appreciates their dedication and service to the member schools and their students.

2022-2023 State Final Officials
Boys Baseball
Class Name City
1A Al Albert Chicago
2A John Alexander Ottawa
2A Greg Bandelow Decatur
3A Bryan Bloodworth Normal
3A Justin Bowling Bloomington
2A Rich Cacciatori Hudson
2A Bob Claton Springfield
2A Ray Donald Bloomington
1A Bob Engel Springfield
2A Jamie Enlow Washington
2A Mark Galvin Pekin
3A Jon Garlits Mt. Pulaski
3A Tim Griffin Normal
1A Rob Hackler Burbank
3A Kevin Hampton Elmwood
1A Matt Hensley Mahomet
3A George Hillard South Holland
3A Adam Holleman Champaign
2A John Jaggi Forsyth
1A Cole James Belleville
3A Sam Knox Bloomington
2A Joe Matesa Staunton
1A James Meurer Naperville
3A Ronald Morrell Pawnee
1A Jeff Mozingo Farmer City
3A Donald Murbarger Hamel
3A Jason Ray Morton
3A Glen Reinhart LeRoy
1A Adam Satorius Minooka
1A Tyrius Smith Springfield
1A Joe Spiezio Morris
2A Brad Thede Normal
1A Ted Timbrook Colona
1A Ryan Verver Oak Forest
1A Steve Vorhies Dallas City
2A Dan Wieczorek Peru
2A Mike Wiley Williamsville
2A Mike Wise Morton
3A Chad Worthington Bloomington
Boys Basketball
Class Name City
7-3A Ed Alexander Springfield
8-4A Edward Alexander Springfield
8-4A Kevin Armstrong Peoria
7-1A Kevin Armstrong Peoria
8-1A Wes Aymer Kincaid
8-1A Greg Bandelow Decatur
7-2A James Bauser Springfield
7-2A James Blade Greenup
7-4A John Boatman Decatur
8-3A John Boatman Decatur
7-3A Tim Brock Bloomington
8-4A Adam Brockhouse Chapin
7-2A Dyke Buerkett Staunton
7-4A Tim Burch Springfield
7-3A Rich Cacciatori Hudson
7-4A Romulus Calhoun Kankakee
8-3A Romulus Calhoun Kankakee
7-3A Bobby Chapman Mazon
8-2A Hollice Clark Bradley
8-3A Kevin Coughenour Watseka
7-3A Jason Cremeens Bloomington
8-3A Vincent Cunningham Champaign
8-3A Marv Dampeer Decatur
7-4A Marv Dampeer Decatur
7-3A Marv Dampleer Decatur
8-2A Mark Davilo Bolingbrook
7-1A Stan Deatherage Metamora
7-2A Mark DiMarzio Springfield
8-4A Mark DiMarzio Springfield
7-4A Rich Doman Gibson City
8-2A Steve Elrod Braceville
8-1A Bob Engel Springfield
7-3A Jamie Enlow Washington
8-3A Joe Ewers Bourbonnais
7-3A Jim Fairfield Normal
7-1A Mark Galvin Pekin
8-2A Jonathan Gauthier Lockport
8-1A Steven Gillespie Teutopolis
7-4A Terry Glaub East Peoria
7-4A Chris Gordon Springfield
7-2A John Griffard Normal
8-3A Tom Hahs Bourbonnais
7-1A Jon Hardy Goodfield
7-2A Kurt Hartke Champaign
8-1A Jerald Hocking Riverton
7-2A Jerry Hocking Riverton
7-2A Tim Hoehn Teutopolis
8-1A Ronald Holliday Sherman
8-4A Scott Hood Decatur
8-3A Argie Johnson Champaign
8-4A Carl Jones Decatur
7-4A Carl Jones Decatur
7-3A Mark Jontry Normal
7-1A Mark Jontry Normal
8-4A Mark Jontry Normal
8-3A Clint King Champaign
8-4A Frankie King Peoria
7-4A Frankie King Peoria
8-4A Kraig Komnick Bloomington
7-1A Eric Lane Princeville
8-1A Pat Leckrone Decatur
7-4A Brad Leininger Springfield
8-2A Mike Mackey Joliet
8-2A Joe Marshall Crest Hill
8-2A Greg Matuszewski Shorewood
8-2A Austin McDowell Coal City
8-2A Jerry McDowell Coal City
8-2A Frank McKay Bolingbrook
7-4A Carl Medley Springfield
8-1A Joe Meyer Springfield
7-1A Joe Meyer Springfield
8-1A Randy Moss Oakley
7-1A Jeff Nelson Lincoln
8-1A Jim Novar Taylorville
8-1A Roger Odom Decatur
7-1A Brad Parrish Rantoul
7-4A Torrey Points Auburn
8-4A Torrey Points Auburn
7-4A Josh Rich Flanagan
8-2A Josh Rich Flanagan
8-1A Mark Rotz Mt. Zion
7-1A Derek Rutledge Morton
8-2A Thomas Schieffer Channahon
7-3A Marcus Sherrod Springfield
8-4A Marcus Sherrod Springfield
7-2A Robb Sitton Chatham
7-2A Dan Smith Gillespie
7-2A Jeremy Smith Gillespie
8-4A Darrin Sortor Sherman
8-3A Rodney Stoll Savoy
7-1A Tim Swearingen East Peoria
8-3A Larry Timm Hoopeston
7-2A Richard Tolle Witt
7-3A Tariq Toran Springfield
7-1A Henry Votsmier Springfield
8-4A Chad Waterman Palmer
8-4A Bob West Springfield
7-2A Bob West Springfield
8-1A Mike Wiley Springfield
7-1A Doug Williams Peoria
7-3A Rick Wills Lexington
8-3A Toby Wilson Paris
7-3A Mike Wise Morton
8-3A Jeff Wollenweber Bloomington
Boys Wrestling
Class Name City
  Jeff Bowers Whitefish Bay
  Ted Brandon Canton
  Ron Coit Farmer City
  Ray Eickelschulte Fowler
  Mike Hurckes Ringwood
  Kris Kamp Deer Creek
  Don McKillip Minooka
  Shane Morgan Oswego
  Blake Ohren Highland
  Roy Snyder Rochelle
  Kenny Watkins Maywood
  Kevin Weisenberger McHenry
  Rob Zielinski McHenry
Boys & Girls Cross-Country
Class Name City
  Grant Basting Carlock
  John Boor Frankfort
  Tina Butterbrodt Dwight
  Bobby Chapman Mazon
  Tom Crain Normal
  Kerry Dean Evergreen Park
  Dave Feldhake Effingham
  Jason Gray Swansea
  Dan Heene Kewanee
  Drusilla Heggen Metamora
  Mark Hutchinson Morton
  Jay Marshall Richmond
  Catherine Metsker Carlock
  David Mitchell Peoria
  Bryan Murray Monmouth
  Chuck Nagel Germantown Hills
  Fred Pelley Rockford
  Moses Praul Peoria
  Jamero Rainey Edwards
  Bob Rice Danville
  Mark Schoenborn Elgin
  Dave Stier Sherman
  Roger Thayer Crystal Lake
  Bruce Weiman Fisher
Class Name City
  Brian Allen West Peoria
  Kelly Aylesworth Mt. Pulaski
  Kara Bent Knoxville
  Cheryl Clark St. Charles
  Amber Cruser Waterloo
  Gina Dailey Peoria
  Gina Dryden Algonquin
  Erin Duffy Sycamore
  Sara Flanigan Crystal Lake
  April Mahy New Lenox
  Tiffany Michaels Bloomington
  Lea Nelson Bloomington
  Lisa Turner Mt. Vernon
  Laurie Wager O'Fallon
  Angie Wilmington Chilicothe
Girls Basketball
Class Name City
8-4A Ed Alexander Springfield
7-3A Ed Alexander Springfield
7-2A Wayne Anders Danville
8-4A Kevin Armstrong Peoria
7-4A Mark Ayers Joliet
8-2A Wes Aymer Kincaid
7-3A Wes Aymer Kincaid
8-2A JD Beal Adair
8-3A Rod Becker Springfield
7-2A Mike Bell Charleston
7-3A Dave Bishop Greenfield
7-1A John Boatman Decatur
8-2A Adam Brockhouse Chapin
8-1A Mike Brouwer Paris
7-4A Romulus Calhoun Kankakee
8-3A Romulus Calhoun Kankakee
8-3A Bobby Chapman Mazon
7-4A Bobby Chapman Mazon
7-4A Hollice Clark Bradley
8-4A Kevin Coughenour Watseka
7-4A Eric Cunningham Belvidere
8-4A Vincent Cunningham Champaign
8-1A Marv Dampeer Decatur
7-1A Marv Dampeer Decatur
7-2A Douglas Daniels Hutsonville
7-4A Marc Davilo Bolingbrook
7-2A Gary Davis Penefield
7-3A Rodger Delap Metamora
8-1A Rich Doman Gibson City
8-3A Ray Donald Bloomington
7-4A Todd Doom Joliet
7-1A Dan Ehlers Bloomington
8-2A Aaron Eisfelder Jacksonville
7-4A Steve Elrod Braceville
8-1A Steve Elrod Coal City
8-3A Matt Freeman Normal
7-1A James Fultz Bethany
8-4A Eric Gerdes Paxton
8-3A Terry Glaub East Peoria
7-3A Terry Glaub East Peoria
7-2A Lyndon Goodly Champaign
7-2A Kevin Grigg Effingham
7-4A Chris Hart Rockford
7-1A Cody Hawkins Taylorville
7-1A Kyle Hawkins Vandalia
7-3A Denny Held Raymond
7-3A Mike Hemberger Auburn
8-2A Mike Hemberger Auburn
8-1A Jerald Hocking Riverton
8-1A Ron Holliday Sherman
7-1A Larry Johns Arcola
8-1A Argie Johnson Champaign
7-3A David Johnson Jerseyville
8-4A Carl Jones Decatur
7-1A Carl Jones Decatur
7-4A Debbie Kelly Bradley
7-2A Clint King Urbana
8-3A Frankie King Peoria
7-1A Mike Kroeger Clinton
7-1A Troy Krumreich Mode
7-2A Patrick Leckrone Decatur
8-4A Brad Leininger Springfield
8-1A Ray Ligocki Oakwood
7-2A Raymond Ligocki Oakwood
8-3A Kevin Maffett Bloomington
8-3A Todd Maxwell Raymond
8-1A Austin McDowell Coal City
8-1A Jerry McDowell Coal City
7-4A Jerry McDowell Coal City
8-4A Carl Medley Springfield
7-4A Ken Miller Coal City
8-4A Art Moore Springfield
8-4A Randy Moss Oakley
8-2A Matt Olson Jacksonville
8-2A Chuck Overton Jacksonville
8-2A Chris Palmer Vandalia
7-2A Andy Pankey Farmer City
7-3A Lynde Pavich-Dobson Auburn
8-1A James Reagan Riverton
7-4A Maurice Redd Rockford
8-3A Derek Rutledge Morton
7-3A Brian Sample Taylorville
8-2A Dave Schafer Quincy
8-4A Marcus Sherrod Springfield
7-3A Marcus Sherrod Springfield
7-3A Robb Sitton Chatham
7-1A Ron Smith Bloomington
8-2A Brian Sorrell Rushville
8-4A Darrin Sortor Sherman
8-4A Rod Stoll Savoy
8-3A Tim Sutton Taylorville
8-3A Tim Swearingen East Peoria
7-3A Tariq Toran Springfield
8-2A Henry Votsmier Springfield
8-3A Chad Waterman Palmer
7-1A Lawrence Watts Mulberry Grove
8-2A Bob West Springfield
7-1A Gary Westjohn Effingham
8-1A Mike Wiley Williamsville
8-1A Toby Wilson Paris
7-2A Toby Wilson Paris
8-2A Devin Workman Jacksonville
7-2A Leon Zumbahlen Newton
Girls Softball
Class Name City
3A Richard Alderson South Wilmington
2A David Allen Pekin
2A Emory Appleberry Springfield
2A Scott Bahorik East Peoria
1A James Bauser Springfield
3A Rick Birckelbaw Bloomington
2A David Bishop Greenfield
3A Karl Black St. Joseph
3A Phil Byrne Fairbury
1A Jim Cahill Galesburg
1A Johnny Chance Sullivan
2A Jeff Dill Pekin
1A Aaron Eisfelder Jacksonville
1A Steven Endress Kankakee
3A Robert Ferguson Romeoville
1A Charles Fritscher Dieterich
2A James Galbavy Barrington
3A Mark Ginski Oak Park
3A Ray Hayen Joliet
1A Ronald Helgeson Peoria
2A Roger Holzhauer Washington
1A Rick Howarth Pecatonica
1A Douglas Humphrey Milan
1A Dan Koester Effingham
3A Gerald Lowe Canton
2A Lyle Meador Oreana
3A Ken Miller Coal City
2A Robert Muschal Decatur
1A Michael Naranjo Mt. Prospect
2A Roger Nichols Normal
3A Charles Overton Jacksonville
1A Michael Puckett Streator
3A Josh Reese St. Joseph
1A Chris Schaefer Chicago
2A Jason Sprout Bloomington
3A Steve Verive Aurora
2A Glenn Vetter Godfrey
3A Robert Watson Bloomington
2A Keith Williams Springfield
Girls Volleyball
Class Name City
8-4A Emory Appleberry Springfield
8-2A Bill Beaty Divernon
7-3A Bill Beaty Divernon
8-1A Patti Blumhorst Mendota
8-2A Maureen Bolinger Springfield
7-1A Maureen Bolinger Springfield
7-4A Doug Brooks Champaign
7-1A Jori Cooper-Lawson Danvers
8-3A Douglas Daniels Hutsonville
8-2A Jill Dearing Jacksonville
7-1A Jill Dearing Jacksonville
7-4A Dan Feeney Manhattan
8-1A Dan Feeney Manhattan
8-2A Katherine Fellhauer Jacksonville
7-3A Katherine Fellhauer Jacksonville
8-1A James Grimsley Bloomington
8-2A Cori Hammer Clinton
7-1A Cori Hammer Clinton
7-2A Ron Helgeson Peoria
8-4A Ron Helgeson Peoria
7-4A John Hoelzer Paw Paw
7-2A Lisa Huth Bloomington
8-1A Lisa Huth Bloomington
7-3A Mark Jackley Mattoon
7-2A Doug Kinas Washington
8-4A Doug Kinas Washington
8-4A Brenda Knapp Champaign
7-3A Andrew Marner Arthur
7-4A Kim Martin Long Point
8-1A Kim Martin Long Point
8-3A Karen McNaught Chatham
7-3A Karen McNaught Chatham
7-1A Lyle Meador Oreana
8-3A Lyle Meador Oreana
8-3A Joe Meyer Springfield
7-2A Joe Meyer Springfield
7-3A Tammy Miner Wavery
8-2A Tammy Miner Wavery
7-1A Bob Muschal Decatur
7-2A Phyllis Nohl Deer Creek
8-4A Phyllis Nohl Deer Creek
8-1A Terry Olszewski Oglesby
8-3A Connie Pinkston Pana
8-4A Lonna Porter Ipava
8-1A Randy Pozzi Peru
7-4A Randy Pozzi Peru
8-2A Greg Ramey Divernon
7-3A Greg Ramey Divernon
7-2A Dave Ridenour Havana
8-4A Dave Ridenour Havana
7-2A Jeff Ringenberg Peoria
7-4A Dora Rotello Springfield
8-2A Dora Rotello Springfield
8-1A Don Sachnoff Tinley Park
7-1A Derek Sieg Normal
8-3A Rodney Smith Morrisonville
8-3A Jean Taylor Pawnee
7-1A Jean Taylor Pawnee
7-2A Julie Terstriep Industry
8-4A Julie Terstriep Industry
8-3A John Thompson Springfield
7-4A John Thompson Springfield
7-4A Andrea VanLeer Fairmount
8-4A Andrea VanLeer Fairmount
7-2A Karla Volk Galesburg
7-1A Sharon Walker Stanford
8-1A Cathleen Weber Cooksville
7-3A Sherry White Warrensburg
7-4A Keith Williams Springfield
8-3A Keith Williams Springfield
8-2A Linda Wilson South Jacksonville
7-3A Linda Wilson South Jacksonville
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