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IESA Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are assignments?
A. Assignments are the regional and sectional assignments that the IESA administration develops for each activity and posts on the IESA website. These assignments will list where each school is posted in a regional or sectional bracket.

Q. Where can regional assignments be found?
A. Regional Assignments are found for each activity on the activity page. Ex.: Go to the activity of Boys Basketball. Scroll down under State Tournament Series and click on Regional Assignments.

Q. What is the fax number for the IESA office?
A. (309) 829-0625

Q. I thought the performance of officials at our game last night was poor. What can I do?
A. A member school has the ability to rate the officials for the IESA state series play. The coach or administration can fill out a rating form and fax it to the IESA office. If it is a regular season contest then the coach or administration may contact the IESA office via, phone, fax or email general@iesa.org.

Q. Can my student participate on a club team in the summer?
A. Students may participate either as an individual or as a member of a team in any type of athletic activity during the summer months. There is no limit to the number of students from the same team. Additionally, a school coach may coach a summer team with students from their school during the summer months.

Q. If a student is sick and misses a full day or half day can he or she still play that night?
A. This is not an IESA decision, but a local school administration policy or decision. Please contact your school for this information.

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