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The Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA) will begin a series of interactive webinars designed for member school principals, athletics directors, and coaches in January. The goal of the webinar series is to provide an educational presentation on IESA rules, concepts and activities. A short presentation and questions and answer will take place in each webinar. The format will be similar to IESA Division Meetings given each year.

The four five webinars have been identified and are listed below:

FEBRUARY Scholastic Bowl Moderator Training: Jack Small, IESA State Level Moderator, will share information on becoming and IESA scholastic bowl moderator. He will show the basic, give examples of situations, comparisons and difference to IHSA moderating, and general tips for moderating at the IESA level.
Golf: Julie Cochran, Administrator for Golf, will share changes for the 2014 state golf tournament and general information on the activity.
MARCH Re-Enrollment/Emerging Activities: Nicole Schaefbauer, Associate Executive Director, will walk you through the re-enrollment process for the association's 2014-15 school year and discuss emerging activities and the registration process.
APRIL Board Action for New Year: Executive Director, Steve Endsley will share the actions taken by the Board of Directors in 2013-14 and how it applies to the 2014-15 school year.

To register for one of these online meetings click on the link ""Online Registration"" below. Meeting notes for each presentation will be available on this page as well.

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